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Super Smash X 9: Training (1/2)
Jacob woke up immediately and got his battle suit and his hammer and went to the abandoned building a little far away from the dorm.
Jacob: another
Jacob turned on the hologram settings on level 8 and activated the holograms.
Jacob put his headphones in and was listening to Masked Dedede and started attacking the holograms  
Jacob got cornered but he spun around and swatted them all back with his hammer  
Jacob hit a gordo to one of the three holograms, the hologram disappeared
a hologram attempted to sneak attack but Jacob turned around and grabbed him in the face, Slammed him upward and twisted the hammer against his back, shooting him upwards, Hologram #2  disappeared
Hologram 3 sliced him in the back. Jacob was still.......
Jacob's dark energy healed him back up
And Jacob turned around and Did a jab action
Hologram #3 was pushed away, Jacob held his hammer high, waiting for him to come back and he slammed it hard on him, Hologram
:iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 0 0
Alright.... by CrossSansFTW Alright.... :iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 2 19
Super Smash X 8: Darkness
(the next morning)
Namika woke up to the sound of hard rain tapping the glass
Namika: .....Jacob?
Jacob wasn't next to her when she woke up
Namika got up and went to the living room
Jacob: I'm telling you Katie, it looks dumb on me  
Katie: no it doesn't (sees Namika) hey sis come look at Jacob
Jacob turns around and has a blue and green scarf around his face  
Jacob: well?
Namika: it looks nice  
Katie: see? your just being hot headed
Jacob: pssh whatever
David (Looking out window) : speaking of hot heads, I see Chad doing something in the courtyard
(Meanwhile in the courtyard)
Chad: give me the power to beat those...nerds.....
???: I'm afraid it would be too much power on yo----  
???: as you wish.....  
(a Dark energy courses through chad and he screeched like a falcon) 
Chad darted straight for our dorm
(Back at the dorm) 
(Knock Knock) 
David: ohh boy, here he is
:iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 1 0
Super Smash X 7: The Goodbye (read description)
( The Next morning)
David was sitting at his desk frustrated
Jacob waled in the room and saw david
Jacob: "wassup dude?" He said while drinking a big apple juice container  
David: "I'm having trouble with something"
Jacob: ? do you need my help?
David: Yeah....Alright...well, my girlfriend is-----
Jacob: whoa pause! you didn't tell me that you had a girlfriend?
David: really???  oh...sorry dude
Jacob: Keep going
David: shes moving and i wanna leave her a surprise before she goes  
Jacob: aww...thats so dumb  
David: Bruh
Jacob: i'm kidding dude, I can take care of it for you except you need to be there when it happens, ill mark a blue spot down to where it will happen on the ground that i want you to stand on for it to work
David: ???.....Uhhh....Okay....?
Jacob: alright you go hang out with her while i set it up
David: thanks dude... 
David got up and got his pink jacket  
David: you sure you wanna do all this? 
:iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 2 0
Super Smash X 6:The truth is out...
(The Next Morning)  
Jacob was video chatting with his childhood friend Kaitlyn
Namika slowly wakes up out of the sleeping bag
Jacob: Morning
Namika: Morning..
Namika looks at the two sleeping bags on her left
Namika: where's the other two?
Jacob: Well..Katie went to class and David is out doing david things.
Namika: Oh...what you been up to?
Jacob: Just chatting with my friend, Kaitlyn  
Namika: who..?
Jacob: OH! i didn't tell you did i? well....I grew up with Kaitlyn and she was cool but then i started noticing like around when she turned 7 she felt down...but then i knew why.
Namika: why did she feel down?
Jacob almost said it, but he shutted his mouth with his hand  
Namika: ??
Jacob: I can't tell you....
Namika was very confused  
Namika: uhhhh....Okay?  
Kaitlyn: Jacob?
Jacob: Oh! Kaitlyn! sorry!  
Kaitlyn: its alright
???: Lassie, Is that who i think it be?
Kaitlyn(whispering):Foxy! hold on a second  
Kaitlyn: Hey Jacob, He wants
:iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 3 5
Jacob As A SQUIIIID by CrossSansFTW Jacob As A SQUIIIID :iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 2 1
Mature content
Super Smash X 5: The Fun Sleepover(warning! NSFW) :iconcrosssansftw:CrossSansFTW 1 1


for my ocs by fellsansnp for my ocs :iconfellsansnp:fellsansnp 5 59 11/23/16 by PaulGQ 11/23/16 :iconpaulgq:PaulGQ 86 8 It's Okay To Be Gay (READ DESCRIPTION) by CBear624 It's Okay To Be Gay (READ DESCRIPTION) :iconcbear624:CBear624 137 96 89 by deadghouls 89 :icondeadghouls:deadghouls 22 0 Cute Little Neko Artist Chan by shawnventura Cute Little Neko Artist Chan :iconshawnventura:shawnventura 5 3 sPoNgEbOb! by AvaXoX sPoNgEbOb! :iconavaxox:AvaXoX 1 3 HEY NOW YOUR AN ALLSTAR by CyanCookie HEY NOW YOUR AN ALLSTAR :iconcyancookie:CyanCookie 28 116 Futaba and Morgana and Me. by sasapen Futaba and Morgana and Me. :iconsasapen:sasapen 21 3 Persona5boys by sasapen Persona5boys :iconsasapen:sasapen 21 5 Revenge seeking Blueberry by BelieveTheHorror Revenge seeking Blueberry :iconbelievethehorror:BelieveTheHorror 295 42 Link and Medli by redi4life Link and Medli :iconredi4life:redi4life 7 0 Tea time by SeleneInks Tea time :iconseleneinks:SeleneInks 103 9 God of Destruction - Beerus by Kinjiinto God of Destruction - Beerus :iconkinjiinto:Kinjiinto 14 5 Glitchtale Sans! | w/ Speedpaint! by CamilaAnims Glitchtale Sans! | w/ Speedpaint! :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 1,952 185 Muffet! (w/ Speedpaint) by CamilaAnims Muffet! (w/ Speedpaint) :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 885 128 Rhabdophobia | Collab with kitmast by CamilaAnims Rhabdophobia | Collab with kitmast :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 2,834 397



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United States

Hey there! you most likely are on my page because you found me randomly, you know a lot about me ooooor you found me on one of your friends list! Either way, I hope you enjoy my work

Series Im working on: Super Smash X!!

My Smash Bros Favorites:
Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Dedede by LittleYoshi8 [SSBWiiU] Mario victory Pose Stamp by LittleYoshi8 Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Ganondorf by Kevfin

Bae: :iconcyancookie: is the best in the world!!

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How the heck do I search for someone to follow on mobile? XD
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who could it bbeeeee???



here it comes... 

001. Real Name: Jacob
002. Nickname: Cross, Edgy,
003. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
004. Male Or Female: Male
005. Elementary: Forest Lake 
006. Middle School: EL Wright
007. High School: Juuuust started and i dont wanna say to be stalked
008. Hair Color: Black 
009. Long Or Short: Short
010. Loud Or Quiet: Both
011. Sweats Or Jeans: dont care 
012. Phone Or Camera: Dont have either 
013. Health Freak: Skinny af
014. Drink Or Smoke: Lol neither 
015. Do You Have A Crush on Someone: My bae <3
016. Political orientation: Exlpain XD
017. Piercings: none
018. Tattoos: none

019. Airplane: nope
020. Car Accident: nope
021. First Fight: Im Passive, But doesnt mean i cant fight 
022. First piercing: none
023. First Best Friend: i dont remember XD
024. First Instrument: I WISH
025. First award: First Place Basketball Trophy
026. First Crush: A girl at my summer camp
027. First Language: French
028. First Big Vacation: None

029. The last Person, you talked to: My Older Brother
030. The last Person, You Texted: My Bae 
031. The last Person, You Watched: Hauh? XD
032. Last Food You Ate: Rainbow Goldfish
033. Last Movie You Watched: Dont remember 
034. Last Song You listened to: SEE FAVS
035. The last Thing You Bought: Food
036. Last Person, You Hugged: ner one

037. Food(s): ANYTHING 
038. Drinks: Coke,Dr Pepper,ROOT BEER
040. Book: Pirates of crocodile swamp
041. Color: black and green
042  Flower: Red Roses~
043: Music:
044. Movie:Deadpool Movie
045. Shoes: Hightop Nike's 
046. Subjects: Science,Culinary arts

047. [ ] Kissed In The Snow 
048. [X ] Celebrated Halloween
049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken 
050. [ ] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone 
051.  [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet 
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant 
054. [ ] Had An Abortion 
055. [ ] Did Something You've Regretted 
056. [x] Broke A Promise 
057. [x] Kept A Secret 
058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy (always)
059. [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
060. [x] Pretended To Be Sick  
061.  [ ] Left The Country
062. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it.
063. [ ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
064. [ ] Ran A Mile
065. [ ] Went To The Beach 
066. [ ] Stayed Single 

067. Eating: Chick fil a chicken nuggets, and Rainbow Goldfish 
068. Drinking: Water, with a flavor packet 
069. Getting Ready To: 
070. Listening To: Random Vanoss Video
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Talking to my girl <3
072. Waiting For: The day i can propose to her~

073. Want Kids: Maybe
074. Want To Get Married: yeep with someone special to me <3
075. Careers in mind: Geologist,Youtube
076. Lips Or Eyes: uhhh what? XD 
077. Shorter Or Taller:  Taller
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: ive always been romantic~
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Arms
080. Sensitive Or Loud: Ehhh, When im Sensitive, im sad, but loud when extremely excited
081. Hookup Or Relationship: relationship 
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: im an okay child X3

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: nope, but ive dropped it 
084. Ran Away From Home: attempted when i was young, but no
085. Held A Weapon: Uhhh....A baseball bat? but it was only during baseball practice
086. Killed Somebody: No
087. Broken Someone's Heart: no
088. Been Arrested: Nope

090. Yourself: Kinda
091. Miracles: yes
092. Love At First Sight: no
093. Heaven: Yep
094. Santa Claus: Yee! until my childhood was ruined 
096. Magic: I HAVE A STORY WHY (ask me anytime for it)

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now?: My love <3
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Yes ^^
099. Do You Believe In God: Yep
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five people:  XD


:iconcookielovesanime03: :icondahub: :iconxopaswastaken: :iconrosedelivery: :icontuuniz: :iconblackflame731: :iconjordanmcfighter: :icontheawesomeassistant: :iconnightwingwolf103: :iconcyancookie: :iconskulltrx: :iconsexychara123: :iconalicehasrisen: :iconseptiplierandtmnt123: :iconblueaviatoroctoling: :iconlankyh3nbear: :iconaskthecalamaricrew: :iconfnaf-fan911: :iconcutelittlelier88:


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